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Bruno Van Gaver


The story of the brand began in 2003, when its founder, Bruno Van Gaver, decided to launch a shoe line, named Mellow Yellow. This play on words, which referred to the title of the famous piece of the 60’, expressed the softness, humour, brightness and colours’ diversity that would become the Mellow Yellow signature.

The first collection, which was presented at the Who’s next show in Paris in February 2003, offered a great variety of fashionable styles, but were not meant for casual everyday wearing and was aimed at the high end of the fashion professional market. After that first collection was introduced to the fashion industry professionals, the company decided to rethink the designs and made them more wearable and available to a wider, more casual market. The new, more affordable, styles were an immediate success and the spirit of Mellow Yellow was born.

In March 2003, the first store in one of the most fashionable shopping neighborhoods of Paris opened, at n°32 of the Turbigo Street. Shoes were showed in a sober and modern atmosphere, with the omnipresence of the white colour, a simple decoration and a wooden floor ; the touches of colours here and there, reference to the seventies, gave a fantasy note to the whole.

New window of the Parisian fashion world, Mellow Yellow kept on exuding its funny fashion in favourite places of the Parisian fashion world, such as Saint-Germain-Des-Prés or le Marais and through a network of multibrand stores in France and abroad.

As well as their many stunning women's shoes, Mellow Yellow has also launched a fabulous range of children's shoes which will brighten any little girl's wardrobe.

The Look

There is a Mellow Yellow design to suit whatever you are wearing, from smart, chic, formal suits to casual, laid back leisure outfits. Whether you are looking for low boots, high boots, sandals, ballet flats, loafers or even slippers you will find it hard to settle on one pair. All of these shoes come in a variety of soles - flat, heeled and wedges to name a few and also in a variety of gorgeous colours from cheerful yellows to romantic pinks and classic blacks and browns.

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