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founded by

Valentino Mazzoleni

belongs to

Luigi & Valentino Mazzoleni


In 1958, after a long co-operation with Dante Trussardi, grandfather of the well-known Nicola, Valentino Mazzoleni decided to put to good use his great experience gained in those years and to open his own workshop.

Of course we talk about a very high craftsmanship, because the manufacture of a glove requires sums of complex skills and a high precision of execution. As a matter of fact, when we mention a well realized cloth or a well-done shoe, we use to say “it fits like a glove”, i.e. “it is perfect”.

The extraordinary skill of grandfather Valentino was recognized since the beginning because he went on serving for decades the best high fashion griffes, leaving today in the hands of his son Luigi and his grandson Valentino, worthy and qualified successors, a real brand “Mazzoleni Gloves”, recognized all over the world as a synonym of incomparable quality in the field of gloves.

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