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founded by

Niels Martinsen

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IC Companys


Matíníque is an international mens fashion brand found in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East & Canada.

Matinique was founded in 1973 by Niels Martinsen, whose vision was to create comfortable, high-quality and fashionable clothing for men.

In 2002 the brand team sets out to re-capture the essence of Matinique and redefines the brand. They turned a diluted label into a rejuvenated lifestyle brand with a presence on the international mens fashion scene.

Matinique evolves to exceed the ever changing needs of their customers. Now more than ever, the Matinique man demands the highest quality, great style – and clear choices. From shirts to jeans, blazers to trousers, belts to shoes - the Matinique man will be able to create his dressed-down look from the city casual styles and his dressed-up look from the city smart styles.

For every occasion Matinique makes it easier than ever to create the perfect image and presence.

Matíníque has more than 850 shops divided between retail, franchise and shop-in-shop in 18 countries. Their merchandise flow has been tailored the flow out of the stores comprising 4 main collections delivered 12 times a year in drops every month.

Their Copenhagen-based headquarter is home to 23 dedicated employees working in design, marketing, merchandising, sales, sourcing, purchasing and administration. Additionally they have sales support from staff and country managers at their sales offices around the world, as well as shop assistants, decorators and shop managers etc. in their own Matinique shops.

The Look

The Matinique man is at his best when he is one with the city. Business smart or street cool, he always fits in without being mainstream. Mentally between 25-35 and whatever side he is showing the world, he is always the Matinique man - stylish and completely at ease.
Matinique Black: The Black Label features the clothes, shoes and accessories that give the man city smart edge and credibility - from the office to the five star restaurant. Cool, relaxed, always in control.
Matinique Blue: The Blue Label lets the man achieve a City Casual look that gives him street credibility - from the hottest new venue to the trendy corner café. Modern, youthful, spontaneous - the blue label makes it easy to be inventive with style.

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