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Marlies Dekkers, a true luminary in the world of luxe lingerie, combines provocative femininity with girlish innocence to herald a distinct approach to lingerie design that celebrates the strength, independence, and allure of the modern female.

Marlien Dekker founded her label in 1993. Her unyielding quest to find the perfect fit, and dedication to detailed workmanship, has set Marlies Dekkers ahead of her contemporaries.

During the first few years, production was placed in the hands of a Belgian textile company. On their collapse, in 1998, Marlies Dekkers made contact with a large Asian producer. The collaboration that followed made a strong increase in turnover possible.

Meanwhile, her network of suppliers expanded and was characterised by years of collaborative effort and great personal commitment. Marlies’ employees train the seamstresses in the making of her lingerie. The complexity of the work requires considerable care and places heavy demands on the skills of the mainly female production employees. Craftsmanship and a good social policy are therefore absolute conditions in the choice of suppliers.

To further strengthen collaboration, at the end of 2006 a Hong Kong office was opened, so improving control of quality and fit.

In 2000, the brand name was changed from “Undressed” to “marlies|dekkers” and a distribution contract was signed with an external partner. Marlies was then able to concentrate on design and marketing while the partner took care of sales and distribution in Europe.

In 2005, this company was taken over and continued under the name of “MD Sales & Distribution”. In high tempo, further expansion and internationalisation continued under its own control.

Nowadays, “marlies|dekkers” has grown into an established brand at home and overseas, with almost 1,000 sales outlets worldwide and more than 100 employees.

The brand also has six of its own shops that, in addition to lingerie, sell bath wear and sun-glasses, scented candles and chocolate. The “marlies|dekkers” stores are entirely designed by Marlies Dekkers herself and have anintimately atmospheric interior with a combination of classic and modern styles with ingredients such as warm

colours, a fireplace and a lounge area. Currently, “marlies|dekkers” stores can be found in Antwerp (2002), Rotterdam (2004), Amsterdam (2005) and Bangkok (2006). In April 2007, shops opened in Maastricht and Paris. More shop openings are planned.

The Look

Marlies Dekkers lingerie is epitomised by creativity and originality. The lingerie she designs is strong, sexy, self-aware and offers a perfect fit.

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