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In recognition of the quality and innovation of her work, Maria La Rosa is sold through selected fashionable boutiques in Europe and Japan as well as exclusively to Barney's NY in the U.S.A. Her accessories are developed from a multi disciplinary approach to weaving, macramé, knitting, crochet and embroidery.

All textiles made by Maria La Rosa are the result of a strictly manual process performed on antique looms that are completely void of mechanically moving parts. Each step from laying out the warp-yarn and passing it through the reeds and heedles, to binding and wrapping it into the warp beam, to the actual weaving is done exclusively by hand.

Her predilection is for carefully selected natural fibres such as cotton, rafia, linen, silk, chenille, cashmere and alpaca. She creates unique handcrafted bags , shawls, hats, socks, selected clothing and jewelry

The production is entirely made in Italy, the quantity is limited and each component is worked by hand.

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