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Malba Pimentel de Paiva & Maria Candida Sarmento

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Maria Bonita Confecções LTDA


The Brazilian company “Maria Bonita Confecções LTDA” was founded in Rio de Janeiro by Malba Pimentel de Paiva and the fashion designer Maria Candida Sarmento in 1975. Alexandre Aquino, the executive director since 1995, also became a partner in 2001.

After two years of wholesaling, Maria Bonita launched its label onto the retail market by opening its first store in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, in 1977.

The success of this initial venture motivated the opening of other selected retail points of sale not only in Rio, but also throughout Brazil making the company a market leader in its field. At the moment the Maria Bonita label has about 20.000 retail customers and 80 partners in commercial wholesaling, with a sum total of 70.000 items (garments and accessories) sold yearly.

The Look

The Maria Bonita label has become a synonym for modern design aligned to reliable quality for the sophisticated, up to date woman. Apart from this, it is also famous for its impeccably cut clothes in trendy fabrics with innovative finish techniques.

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