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Marc Aurel

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Marc Aurel


The special character of Marc Aurel is successfully built since its beggining in the year 1972. Marc Aurel is an international lifestyle brand that makes fashion for same-consicious women.

The Look

Inspiration of womanness, woman's imagination, sensuality and intelligence, it's Marc Aurel, the brand, which is fully inspired by woman. Women with courage and lust for freedom, those inspires the makers of collections.
The fashion, which describe personhood of woman and more than that it highlights her. The fashion, which gives notice to details, elemental elegance and self-confidence. Marc Aurel doesn't change the women, it just helps to push ahead their beauty. Every material, every piece of made work, every sophisticated detail, that all show the sense for shrewdness, charm and creativitym which pick up all of designers all around the world. That's how to think over the whole team which works for the company Marc Aurel.

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