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The strength of this brand is contamination between two apparently irreconcilable worlds; rock-gothic and high-tech sport. Rock-gothic is never didactical, but is revisited both graphically and conceptually, with processing techniques typically from the sport aesthethic. High-tech sport on the other side, is developed throughout graphics that derive from rock-gothic references, always revisited in a highly innovative way. The strength of contrasts, apparently irreconcilable, express an extremely fresh and fizzy collection, as a result. It embodies at the same time, drama but femininity, strictness but lightness typical of gothic, and at the same time geometrics and contemporary graphisms from high-tech sport and architecture contaminations, in a continuous innovative boost, between future and past. The collection evolves this contrasting concepts, throughout extremely original prints and jacquards that are placed according to a meticulous study on the figure and of the article of clothing.

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