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H.E. by mango, was created in 2008, and aimed at the young, fashion-conscious male. The name HE is an acronym, a shortening of the Latin expression Homini Emerito, �a man who enjoys his rewards in keeping with his merits�.

H.E, by MANGO went on sale in stores in March 15, 2008 and, since then, the brand has made a firm commitment towards the male public. At the end of May, MANGO opened its first HE store in Ankara, located in one of the busiest areas of the capital, which is dedicated exclusively to the menswear range. This demonstrates the brand�s major commitment towards strengthening its recent entry into menswear fashion (Mango), in addition to its women�s wear collection, which remains the principal objective.

The first HE by Mango boutique n Spain opened at number 586 Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona on October 9, 2008. The first HE boutique in the Spanish capital opened on 2 April 2009 and is located on 22 Hermosilla street, it has a surface area of 122 m2. In addition to this opening, other HE boutiques have also opened in Valencia, Santander, Ankara, Annecy, Dubai, and Toulouse.

MANGO is Spain�s second largest exporter of women�s fashion. Its concept is based on an alliance between a quality product, in accordance with the latest fashion trends, and an affordable price. The brand image is reinforced by its company-owned stores, which represent the calling card for the brand and create a dynamic atmosphere in accordance with the personality of its customers.

The firm, which is still Spain�s most international designer fashion brand, opened 152 stores worldwide during 2007, of which 8 were located in Spain and 144 abroad. The chain now has 1,100 stores in 90 countries and plans to open approximately 180 stores in 2008.

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