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founded by

Etienne Fabre

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Fabre Family


Master glover Etienne Fabre establishes the gloves business in his own house in 1924.

In the very beginning it is Etienne and his brother who cut the leather themselves, with the help of a few people who stich the gloves at home. In 1928, the craftsman is specialized in making white goat leather gloves. Production takes place in the modest 3 story house that the family owns by the tarn river and where, little by little, workers who stich and cut leather take up more and more work.

Eighteen years later, son Denis and his wife Rose join the family business.

Extremely energetic and dynamic, Rose Fabre travels extensively in order to make the family business known all over the world. Using her vivid imagination and passion, Rose designs pieces for the Haute Couture houses, therefore reshaping glove making. She adds the much needed sparkle and style to gloves, something they were missing before.

Her husband�s manufactory now becomes a flourishing business.

Rose has also relocated the business that was employing 300 people at the item to the heart of Millau, and the location has ever since remained unchanged.

In order to avoid the chrisis during 1970-1990 that led to the closing of numerous glove making houses, Louis Fabre, the son of Rose and Denis Fabre, launches a leather goods collection that saves the family business.

After a few difficult years, the year 2000 marks another turning point for the House. Olivier Fabre leaves his journalism school, joins forces with his father and brother Jean-Marc Fabre who is in charge of management, and starts injecting new ideas into the family business.

With the help of Storm (previously at YSL), Olivier starts researching the House�s archives ad manages to fuel new blood into the brand.

His encounter with Polder gives life to the first collection signed by a designer. The �Auto� gloves and their imposing wrist placed button in coconut or horn reinforce the strong image of Miason Fabre.

In 2005, together with architect Guy Falco, Olivier refurbishes the workshops in Millau. In the same year, he creates a line for kids and decides to move to Paris. This move allows him to be in the midst of creation, constantly surrounded with talented young designers: the lines of the House are now original and fashion oriented.

Starting from his moment, the House offers its savoir-faire and joins creative forces with the likes of Christian Lacroix, Sonia Rykiel, Ann Demeulemeester, Vanessa Bruno and houses such as Chanel, Paule Ka, Bonpoint � and more recently, 2010 to be more precise, with Karl Lagerfeld.

Many talented stylists have since took part in the success of the glover. The most recent to have collaborated with the House is Austrain-born designer Michaela Beurger. Her exclusive designs boast exceptional shapes and textures. Sensitive to authenticity and the magic of gestures, qualities that shape all Maison Fabre creations, the designers create genuine works of art using gloves.

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