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Lynx was introduced to the UK in ’85. It was the first ever body spray to be launched as a stand-alone brand, and quickly made fragrance an essential part of a guy’s daily grooming routine. At its inception there were just three signature scents – Amber, Musk and Spice – but these were just the start of things to come.

As times changed, so did the product range – expanding into all aspects of male grooming; from shower gels and eau de toilette, to the launch of anti-persipirant in ‘03. Shampoos and hair styling products followed soon after, making Lynx an essential part of morning grooming routines for guys across the country.

With this ever-expanding repertoire including the Peace and Temptation range, Lynx has maintained its trusted credentials to this day – perfectly tailoring its range to the modern man and firmly establishing it as the UK’s go-to grooming brand.

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