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Luisa Spagnoli is one of the best-known companies in Italy, a leader in the manufacture and sale of women’s fashion clothing.

Its headquarters are in Perugia, and it has a sales network of 140 shops located in the major cities and towns in Italy.


Luisa Spagnoli founded her own namesake label, breeding of poultry and rabbit angora, after the end of the Warld War I.

In 1928 Luisa Spagnoli was the first person to introduce the angora yarn for knitwear. At the Milano Fair the innovation of Luisa Spagnoli’s trademark, “Angora Spagnoli”, was noted and the activity of the company expanded.

After Luisa Spagnoli’s death in 1935, her son Mario took over the company.

Inheriting his mother’s imagination and creative brilliance, Mario Spagnoli developed the business, rebuilding and enlarging the factory that had been destroyed during the war.

In September 1944 he resumed production with 250 employees. In 10 years he built up the company’s reputation and prestige on national and international markets, shaping it as a true industry while maintaining the standards of tailor-made quality and design in the manufactured garments.

Mario Spagnoli’s brilliance lies in having given the company its own network of shops selling exclusively Luisa Spagnoli products.

The first Luisa Spagnoli shop was opened in Perugia in 1940, followed shortly thereafter by Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples and Milan, bringing the Luisa Spagnoli brand to the most fashionable squares and streets in the major cities and towns in Italy.

Lino Spagnoli took over from his father Mario at the helm of a dynamic, vital company that had wisely diversified both products and raw materials. Gifted with exceptional intuition, such as the ability to foresee market developments and trends and to be one step ahead in carrying out organizational and management changes and innovations, Lino Spagnoli made good use of it and greatly increased the company’s assets.

Under his direction, the clothing line that complemented its more traditional knitwear was expanded and the national retail sales network was increased to over 90 shops. By decentralizing production, Lino Spagnoli gave the company flexibility and competitiveness, and by spreading corporate culture and by greatly reducing sales prices, he succeeded in conquering a much wider market.

In 1986 Nicoletta and Mario Spagnoli succeeded their father Lino, and became, respectively, Managing Director and President of a company with excellent economic and financial stability.

Nicoletta Spagnoli, already putting her strong sense of design to use in the company as Collections Manager and subsequently as Product Manager, introduced a new line for a younger clientele, maintaining the same quality-price ratio value and giving special attention to the 'total look', finding and combining all the accessories that complete a garment, always following principles of good taste and quality.

Taking charge of Sales Management, Mario Spagnoli set to work on restyling the shop image, renovating them so as to combine both tradition and innovation and to bring the shops in line with the new product image. At the same time he launched a new advertising project with the goal of acquiring a new range of customers.

The Look

The company label represents a brand that embodies the fascination, charm and reliability of an elegance that is never out of place and, at the same time, is fresh and noticeable, suitable for all occasions, formal or otherwise.
Casual or gypsy-like, smart or ethno-chic, with Oriental allusions and references, the Luisa Spagnoli woman can invent a new look for herself everyday, reflecting the belief that clothes are to the body what education is to the spirit.

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