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founded by

Luciano Soprani

belongs to

Luciano Soprani


Although he was making ready-to-wear garments, his first runway collection was in Milan in 1981.

In 1995 Luciano branched out into Perfumes and brought out his first fragrance called Solo.

Since the founder's death a few years ago, true to the timeless style and taste which had garnered for Luciano Soprani a place of honor in the annals of Italian fashion, the house of Soprani has faithfully followed the creative lead of the designer in all its collections, from ready-to-wear apparel for men and women to budget lines, accessories, perfumes, signature fabrics and household items.

Pursuant to the acquisition of the fashion house by Satinine S.p.a., a leading perfume and cosmetic group, and the ensuing merger, from 1st January, 2006 Studio Soprani will change its name back to Luciano Soprani S.r.l. , repossessing the original logo of the founder.

The Look

The Luciano Soprani brand totally identifies itself in its creator with a clear, essential and decisively reassuring style, a recapture of tailoring both in contour and volume, a meticulous search of fabrics, a particular awareness of change and evolution, a sweet music of fashion, never a cry. In synthesis this is the unmistakable style that characterizes all of Luciano Soprani creations and that have reconfirmed it as one of the leading brands of Italian Style.


1887 Luciano Soprani (W)
1988 Soprani Uomo (M)
1995 Solo
1996 Active (W)
1997 Soprani Blu (W)
1998 Solo Rosa (W)
1999 People (W)
1999 People (M)
2001 Solo White (W)
2004 Jolie (W)
2004 Just Free (M)
2006 Flirt Issimo (W)
2006 Solo Amore (W)
2007 D Luciano Soprani (W)
2007 Miss Soprani (W)
2007 LS Man (M)
2008 Soprani Uomo (M)
2009 Luciano Soprani DSoir (W)

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