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Luc Duchêne

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Luc Duchêne


Fourteen years ago, Luc Duchêne, renowned professional in the fashion business, was approadched byGuillaume Thys, self-taught fashion designer and fine connaisseur of material sourcing and silk in particular. Luc Duchêne subsequently decides to partner his knowledge with that of this Belgian compatriot.

They baptize their first collection "Chine", the object of the designer's passion. He admires the country's ancestral know-how. The tone of the Chine collection is set: an amalgamation of comfort, feminity and refinement. The brand constantly seekd innovating priciples while remaining true to its spirit from one collection to another.

Later Luc Duchêne changed the name of his company from Chine Belgian Design to Luc.Duchene.

The Look

The clothes are multi-purpose: they are worn day and night, the right way around or the wrong way around...
They are unique: the prints and the lace, key elements to the brand, are developped exclusively for Chine collection.

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