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Lisa Eisner Jewelry is a hand crafted line which was founded in 2014 by Publisher, Photographer and Fashionista Lisa Eisner.

The collection is inspired by the two sides of Big Sur. One side is embellished and encrusted and comes from the turbulent tide pools and kelp beds that are filled with invertebrates, protozoa, decapods, urchins, barnacles and sea anemones. And the other side is pure and clean like the serene California coastline.

'Each piece is its own magic-infused little sculpture that carries some of the mystical feelings I have about Big Sur,' says Eisner of her jewelry collection. The bronze designs showcase the contrasting sides of the coast’s terrain, while special patinas give them a beautifully worn finish.

In 2015, Eisner collaborated with Tom Ford with the creation of ‘LE for TF’, a line of fine jewelry for his 2015 collections. With the success of this venture, her personal line expanded into some of the world’s top luxury retailers: Maxfield (LA), Net-a-Porter, Karry Berreby (Paris), Forty Five Ten (Dallas) and Bergdorf Goodman.

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