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Lev Leviev

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Lev Leviev


Lev Leviev, an Israeli entrepreneur, launched a diamond jewelry brand under his own name. Previously named Vivid, and mainly targeting private clients with an average sale price of around $20,000 per carat, the new Leviev brand moved into a border area with categories of around $10,000 – 15,000 per carat.

The first Leviev store opened on 31 Old Bond Street in London in March 2006. A second store, located at 698 Madison Avenue and 62nd Street, opened in autumn 2006.

Leviev jewelry is spectacular in that it uses both colored and colorless diamonds to create masterpieces of extravagant beauty. With Mother Nature’s own natural beauty as their guide, the experts at Leviev create world class works of art with their diamonds. From owning the minds through the process of cutting and polishing the rough diamonds, Leviev is involved in all aspects of their exquisite creations which are designed in house.

Leviev is the largest diamond cutters and polishers in the world, which means that you are only getting the finest and highest quality diamonds from the whitest of bright to the interesting shades of pink, red, green, blue and yellow diamonds. These rare and select diamonds are pricey but provide a first class product that is truly exclusive. Each of the diamonds used by Leviev is given special attention to create world class cuts that are polished to reveal their delicate brilliance that will stand the test of time.

Who Wears It

Drew Barrymore, Teri Hatcher, Kristin Davis, Beyoncé,

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