Leonard Paris
36 Avenue Pierre 1er De Serbie
Paris, 75008
+33 01 53 67 87 66


founded by

Daniel Tribouillard

belongs to

Daniel Tribouillard, Jacques Leonard Group


Leonard was founded in 1958. Two years later, Daniel Tribouillard, Chif Executive Director, at that time, invented a new printing technique for pullovers named Fully-Fashion. Leonard took out a patent for this technique which allows to knit with a continuous print.

In 1968, Leonard showed its first collection of printed silk jersey garments. The future of Leonard was therefore established, thanks to this invention that became the foundation of the house.

In 1969, Leonard launched its first fragrance named Fashion de Leonard. The following year Leonard opened its flagship store.

In the seventies, Leonard is diversifying its activities and creats a new range of scarves ties and porcelain. These new lines are all using Leonard�s floral print concept.

In the 90�s, the distribution of the Leonard brand is under control by the opening the exclusives boutiques.

In 1992, the first collection �Leonard pour Homme� is shown to the public. Opening of a new Boutique in Paris, 36 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie.

The Look

We think Leonard Paris pieces often times take an undeserved back seat to Pucci's. Daniel Tribouillard designed some devastatingly gorgeous prints in silk jersey for Leonard. The patterns are typically less boldly geometric than Pucci, but Tribouillard's prints and colors are rich and sumptuous and every bit as beautiful.

Who Wears It

Eva Mendes,


1970 Fashion (W)
1974 Eau Fraiche (W)
1977 Tamango (W)
1979 Leonard for Homme
1983 Balahe (W)
1989 Leonard de Leonard (W)
1992 Monsieur Leonard (M)
1997 Miss Balahe (W)
1998 Fabuleuse (W)
2001 Eau Fabuleuse (W)
2001 Nuit Fabuleuse (W)
2002 Leonard (W)
2006 L'Orchidee (W)

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