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Laura Biagiotti first joined her mother's small clothing company but left in 1965 to set up her own design shop in Florence with partner Gianni Cigna. Their firm manufactured and exported clothing for the eminent Italian fashion designers Roberto Capucci and Emilio Schuberth. They also had a deal to make ready-to-wear clothes for well-known house of Angelo Tarlazzi.

As the company grew so did Biagiotti's aspirations to design her own clothes. In 1972, she presented a small but successful womenswear collection.

In 1987, she launched her menswear line Laura Biagiotti Uomo, and women of larger size than 14 have a line callued Laura-Piu. Laura Biogiotti Junior is a line of childrens clothes. Laura Biogiotti sunglasses are also popular.

Biagiotti was the first Italian designer to present a collection in China in 1988. In 1994, she opened a boutique in Moscow and the following year was permitted to stage a fashion show within the Kremlin itself, which was a first. 38 Russian models strolled down the catwalk to applause from an enthusiastic audience.

In 2000, Laura Biagiotti and her daughter Lavinia Cigna set up Biagiotti Roma, a new fashion house known particularly for knitwear.

The Look

The intuitive use of fabrics, the fine workmanship, and the very feminine cut have made her into an internationally recognised House. Laura Biagiotti has a special place in her heart for Cashmere, which appeared in her first collection, and has ever since. Prior to Biagiotti, cashmere as a fashion item was unknown.
Biagiotti was especially concerned with producing flattering and comfortable clothes for women, who quickly took to her soft tailoring and loose-fitting dresses distinguished by their tiny pleats, top-stitching, and ajouree` work. Every Biagiotti collection includes a series of comfortable "baby doll" dresses, and pants often have elastic waists.


1982 Fioribianchi (W)
1983 Laura Biagiotti (W)
1985 Night (W)
1987 Laura Biagiotti Uomo
1988 Roma (W)
1992 Venezia (W)
1994 Roma Uomo
1994 Venezia Uoma
1994 Laura (W)
1995 Venezia Pastello (W)
1996 Sotto Voce (W)
1999 Tempore Donna
1999 Tempore Uomo
2001 Emotion (W)
2004 Aqua di Roma (W)
2004 Aqua di Roma (M)
2006 Biagiotti Due Donna
2006 Biagiotti Due Uomo
2008 Donna

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