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René Jules Lalique

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Art & Fragrance

  • Lalique is a French company which is well known for its jewellery and glass designs.

    It was founded by the René Jules Lalique in 1890. René was one of the world’s greatest glass makers and jewellery designers of the art Nouveau and art Deco periods. He started his business with designing jewellery and later introduced a deco line collection as he increasingly started to experiment with glass.

  • After the death of Rene Lalique his son Marc Lalique took over the company and renamed the company to Cristal Lalique. During this time, Marc has continued the traditions of the famous Lalique Glass but modified the production form glass to a heavier lead crystal.
  • In 1977 Marc’s daughter Marie Claude Lalique took over the control of the crystal making business.
  • After three generations, Marie Claude Lalique sold the company to a French firm Pochet in 1994.
  • In 2008 Cristal Lalique was acquired in cooperation by the Swiss company Art & Fragrance and the Paris based Holding Company Financière Saint-Germain (FSG). The two companies began to incorporate the marketing and the business management of Cristal Lalique with the products controlled by FSG. This included the launch of Lalique - Haviland stores that carried both products.
  • At the end of 2010 it was announced that Art & Fragrance will took over the company and that they were ending their partnership with FSG.
  • The products of Lalique Crystal are sold in shops worldwide, and the product line includes numerous crystal reproductions of original Rene Lalique glass designs.

    Furthermore, the products are also sold in company owned "boutiques", which have already been changed to Lalique - Haviland Stores in London and New York.

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