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founded by

Chaussures André (then André Group and today known as Vivarte Group)

belongs to

Vivarte Group


La Halle Chaussures is a French shoe brand which was launched as a new discount retail format in 1981 by Chaussures André. Located in a rundown warehouse in Dombasle, outside of Nancy, the first Halle store, with its bare-bones presentation and discounted shoe prices, was an instant hit with French shoppers.

André quickly rolled out the Halle format across France, and by 1984 the company already counted 75 Halle aux Chaussure stores. In that year, the chain, which previously had presented shoes simply according to size, now rearranged its presentation according to type of client. The move helped to further boost the discount chain's sales. By 1987, the Halle aux Chaussures network had swelled to 250 stores. In that year, the company began a chainwide renovation program, designed to homogenize the store format across the network. By 1991, La Halle aux Chaussures had become the leading retail footwear chain in France and the largest discount footwear retailer in Europe.

Today it belongs to the Vivarte Group and has more than 500 stores and is the single leading shoe seller in Farnce.

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