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Koos van den Akker

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Koos van den Akker


Koos van den Akker opened his own boutique, around 1960 in Holland.

By 1970 he had opened the first of several stores in New York city. Taking his inspiration from fabric, Van den Akker created clothes that are highly individual and boldly coloured, using collage and patchwork. Selling his own custom-made dresses in a boutique gained van den Akker enough experience to open a Madison Avenue shop, one in Beverly Hills, and a men's boutique during the 1970s. By 1986 he was designing lingerie, daytime and evening clothes, furs, sheets, and home furnishings.

To adoring fans of his designs, van den Akker sold all of his fall-winter 1998 collection in 27 minutes. Koos designs his Koos of Course line for QVC and is a favourite of customers, wearing his signature apron and dishing out fashion advice.

Who Wears It

Gloria Vanderbilt, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Barbara Walters, Glenn Close, Bill Cosby,

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