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Kocca was born in 1997 as a young girl's jeanswear and has successfully grown into a global lifestyle brand.

Maximum focus on human resources, close internal cohesion and an innovative management style, capable of anticipating changes and rapidly re-acting, are the main strength of the whole company.

The values of innovation and a customer-orientated approach are combined with strict quality controls, in both supplying services and sales/production processes.

The Look

The Kocca collection follows clear and dynamic moods, there is no room for sadness - "enjoy everyday" is the true claim of all Kocca products.
Feminine, ironic and strong, the Kocca woman knows how to play with romanticism and elegance.
The creative research group, the beating heart of all collections, a genuine melting pot of experience and professionalism, innovation, re-interpretation of current and past fashion and originality are just a few of the tools used every single day.

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