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founded by

Ciro Paone


Kiton was founded in 1968 in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone. The name Kiton comes out from �chitone�, the ceremonial tunic the ancient Greek used to wear when praying on the Olimpus.

In 1975 Kiton�s suits became famous on the European market first in France and then in Germany.

In 1986 the company begun to expand into the North American market, by founding the Kiton Corporation which was established in Crown building, New York.

A new factory was opened in Arzano (Napoli) in 1990, 11.00 mq for the new tailoring and the company name becomes Ciro Paone Spa.

In 1995 Kiton launched its first women�s collection.

In 1996 their first frangrance for man �Kiton Red� was launched. Today the fragrance is a brand of the Est�e Lauder Companies, Inc..

The company introduced the Kiton Outdoor line, fore spare time in 2000.

In 2001 the first store in Milan was opened.

In 2004 Kiton launched a knitwear line.

It opened its US$40 million New York flagship and showroom on East 54th Street in 2002.

Like many other fashion brands, Kiton has diversified to include sportswear, footwear (launched 2004), eyewear (launched 2007) and furnishings.

In 2009 Kiton opened the twenty-sixth Kiton store in Las Vegas, then Milano, Roma, Venice, Capri, New York, Paris, London, Monaco, D�sseldorf, Colonia, Amburgo, Moscow, San Petersburg and Kiew.

The company makes about 20,000 suits per year. It employs 330 tailors. Most suits take approximately 25 hours of labor, with at least 45 tailors contributing to each one. There are two lines of ready to wear suits, the "classic line", which retails for approximately US$ 7,000 to US $8,000, and the "CIPA 1960" line, introduced in 2010, starting at US$5,500. Made to measure suits reach above US $20,000 and up to US$ 50,000 for the "K-50" line, so called because of the number of production hours per piece and the number of units produced per year. Kiton dress shirts are also hand finished, as are Kiton's sevenfold silk neckties. A strong believer in tailoring by hand, Paone inaugurated a tailor's school in Kiton's factory in an industrial suburb of Naples.


1996 Kiton Men (M)
2007 Kiton Black (M)

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