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Kenzo�s first women�s fragrance �simply named KENZO � was created in 1988. Like the brand� unique, unconventional fashion creations, the scent made a splash in the perfume world.

And because the poppy is an unscented flower, Kenzo later decided to create a fragrance for it: FLOWER BY KENZO, a perfume created in 1999 by the talented master perfumer Alberto Morillas. The bold simplicity of this fragrance made it a classic. Taking inspiration from the red petals of this exquisitely fragile, delicate flower, the perfumer concocted this elegant, feminine, romantic perfume with a subtle balance of floral notes, soft powdery nuances and sensuous overtones.

The Look

Smiles and surprise! The boldness, energy and positivity of KENZO Parfums� offbeat, romantic style are perfectly illustrated by its slogan, �Creations for a more beautiful world�. Kenzo draws inspirations from the vibes of every culture, from Occident to Orient, from the lush natural setting of remote forests to the world�s largest megalopolises. Kenzo Parfums masters the art of blending, combining colours and mixing genres enthusiastically for an ever more inspiring voyage�


1988 Kenzo Parfum (W)
1989 Ca Sent "Beau"
1991 Kenzo Pour Homme
1992 Parfum d'Ete
1993 Kashaya de Kenzo (W)
1994 Inro (W)
1996 Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant (W)
1996 L'Eau par Kenzo (W)
King Kong (launch date unknown)
Lait parfum pour le Corps (date unknown)
1997 Jungle Le Tigre (W)
1997 Kenzo Le Monde Est Beau (W)
1998 Jungle Zebre pour homme
1998 Kenzo Jungle Homme (M)
1999 L'Eau par Kenzo (M)
1999 Time for Peace (W)
1999 Time for Peace (M)
2000 Flower by Kenzo(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Energisant (Feuille Bambon)(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Euphorisant (Fleur de Gingembre)(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Relaxant (Lotus Blanc)(W)
2001 Kenzo ki Sensuel (Vapeur de Riz)(W)
2002 Parfum d'Ete, 2nd Edition (W)
2002 Kenzo pour Homme Fraiche (M)
2003 Kenzo Air(M)
2003 Flower by Kenzo Le Parfum (W)
2004 Summer (W)
2004 Flower by Kenzo Limited Edition 2004 (W)
2005 Flower by Kenzo Orijental (W)
2005 Kenzo Air Intense (M)
2005 Summer by Kenzo (W)
2006 Flower Edition d`Artistes (W)
2006 Flower Summer Fragrance 2006 (W)
2006 Kenzo Amour (W)
2006 Kenzo Homme Fresh
2006 KenzoKi Bamboo Leaf (Energizing) (W)
2006 KenzoKi Ginger Flower (Euphoric) (W)
2006 KenzoKi Rice Steam (Sensual) (W)
2006 KenzoKi White Lotus (Relaxing) (W)
2006 L`Eau par Kenzo Love L`Eau (W)
2006 L`Eau par Kenzo Love L`Eau pour Homme
2007 Tokyo by Kenzo (M)
2008 7:15 am in Bali (W)
2008 Flower by Kenzo Orijental (W)
2008 Kenzo Amour Indian Holi (W)
2008 Kenzo Power (M)
2008 Kenzo Vintage Edition (W)
2008 L`Eau Par Kenzo ICE (W)
2008 L`Eau Par Kenzo ICE Pour Homme

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