In 1996, Kanabeach introduced its Biologik collection. A collection founded on the ecological and sustainable characteristics of hemp cultivation, and in using the least polluting procedures possible to transform plants into fabrics, and fabrics into garments and accessories- all while keeping kanabeach's legendary style intact.

This collection is the visible part of Kanabeach's commitment to the preservation of our planet, it's flora, and fauna.

Supported by a growing public awareness of environmental issues, knowledge of sustainable materials and manufacturing methods are evolving, allowing Kanabeach Biologik to continue it's mission to develop beautiful and comfortable clothing and accessories with the smallest possible impact on the earth's natural resources.

By wearing Kanabeach Biologik, you actively support the protection of our planet and the search for more sustainable ways of living as 1% of all proceeds from Kanabeach Biologik are donated to associations working to protect the environment.


2007 Kanabeach Femme (W)
2007 Kanabeach Homme (M)
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