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The name Kallist� has its origin in the Greek language, meaning �the most beautiful�, a word emphasizing the ambition to make women smart and highly charming at every time of the day.

Constantly evolving modernity matching with a fresh-looking creativeness, the use of upper leather and a great care for details have Kallist� epitomize the �Made in Italy� contribution in the shoe industry worldwide.

Since 2005 the Kallist� brand has been taken over by the shoe factory Calzaturificio Mima. Mima has managed in having such distinctive style become better and better defined and more clearly outlined season by season.

The Look

Kalllist� has always stood out for its seeking a feminine and young design, skillfully combined with taste and personality.
Luxury and sensuality, imagination, fantasy and the capability to be reinvented.
Clear clean cut, exalted by one irresistible color, black, strong, rich and transgressive.
A contemporary eccentric spirit, combined with artisan craftsmanship. Major attention to the detail and the form of the heels. Boot legs made in very soft leather, while ankle boots are enriched with stones, silver chains and metallic links.
Modern, yet detached from the visibly hand crafted details. Rich lines and jeweled lines with some models more sober and delicate, attractive.
The total black is over laid by an apotheosis of light and brightness.
Aggressive cuts and super sensual forms which mold into launching heels and flats. Sparkling rhinestones and metallic leather give way to a glam-rock mood.

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