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Jude Steele and Francis Gadbois

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Jude Steele and Francis Gadbois


Jude Frances Jewelry is a fast growing designer jewelry brand at Neiman Marcus. Jude Frances jewelry is the entrepreneurial partnership of English-born Francis Gadbois and Texas-born Jude Steele.

In just five years, JudeFrances Jewelry has grown from being sold in just 3 stores to 29 stores.

Starting with their now-famous signature interchangeable hoop and charm earrings concept, JudeFrances has evolved into a comprehensive line featuring beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings across several collections, including the newly launched limited edition and bridal collections, as well as their core and seasonal offeringsEach delectable piece perfectly reflects what today�s classic, smart, sexy, luxe sophisticate adores: a unique aesthetic, uncompromising quality, and 18K gold jewelry designed with diamonds and luxurious semi-precious gemstones.

JudeFrances Jewelry is headquartered in Southern California.

Who Wears It

Oprah Winfrey, Kristen Chenoweth and Paris Hilton

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