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The label designer encompasses a very broad spectrum of different mediums for John Rocha. With a career spanning over 20 years in the fashion industry, Rocha has his own very distinctive style which is both romantic and decorative, graphic and tailored.

The Irish Trade Board invited Rocha set up a business in 1977, he opened a design business in Kilkenny, Ireland.

In 1997 the John Rocha at Waterford Crystal collection was launched and continues to expand and develop. In 1999, with the opening of the Morrison Hotel in Dublin, his talent as interior designer became obvious since when he has collaborated on interior and architectural projects in Liverpool, Birmingham and Budapest. In 2002 he created a range of organically inspired jewellery which is stocked by Liberty and stores nation-wide.

September 2000, he began working on a project in Liverpool to build luxury apartments, exterior couryard and surrounding streets.

The Look

Natural fabrics, including linen, wool and sheepskin are given the colours of an Irish landscape: soft moss green, stone, slate grey and browns. Irish references under his Chinatown label.

Who Wears It

Jodie Kidd, Cate Blanchett

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