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Jefferson Kulig, a name already established in the market, is present in all the key fashion shops, boutiques and houses throughout the country and is recognized among a demanding public and opinion makers who wish for more than a name but above it all an attitude and a different posture which outstands the fashions and the dictations of a conformed society.

The Jefferson Kulig brand has existed for more than 15 years in the market, has been constantly on the fashion editorial of specialized magazines of international reputation such as Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire. Jefferson has worked on the border between fashion and art, and has been pursuing a job with his very own characteristics of formal expression. His research goes beyond the form and enters the raw material that it consists.

Through partnership with Rhodia, Jefferson developed a high technology fabric, from a curing process of amending the very structure of the fabric. This fabric named by him as rubber, has composed one of the main items of his collections for almost 10 years.

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