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Lewis Tomalin

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Harold Tillman


Jaeger is a United Kingdom based high-end fashion brand and retailer of menswear and womenswear formed in 1884 by Lewis Tomalin (great grandfather of Nicholas Tomalin).

The brand is named after the German zoologist and physiologist Dr Gustav Jaeger who advocated the benefits of clothing made of animal fibres rather than vegetable fibres.

Tomalin translated and published Jaeger�s teachings in English. The first Jaeger outlet opened in February 1884. Although the emphasis was not on high fashion this did nothing to stop the success of the shop. Within five years the success of Jaeger had led to the opening of more shops and manufacturing of products in the UK. By 1900 there were 20 Jaeger stores across the UK and a network of agents also offering Jaeger products supplied by the wholesale operation.

The company was acquired by the Coats textile group in 1967. The brand has always been associated with smart classic clothing but by the end of the 1990�s the company felt that the brand had a stuffy and old-fashioned image. Coats attempted to rejuvenate the brand in the early 2000s, hiring Bella Freud to design new clothing collections. The rejuvenation had limited success. It did not attract the younger customers as intended and probably alienated Jaeger�s existing middle-aged customers.

After the ailing fortunes, Coats sold Jaeger for a nominal fee of �1 to entrepreneur Richard Thomson in 2003.

The new owners of Jaeger, Harold Tillman, acquired the lease on the Allders flagship store in Croydon from administrators Kroll in 2005 and continue to trade under the Allders name in Croydon.

In mid-March 2004, Belinda Earl was employed as CEO. More recently, the company has experienced positive recognition as a traditional British brand rejuvenating itself in a similar vein of fellow-British brand Burberry and Pringle of Scotland. In 2008, they appointed Stuart Stockdale as their new Design Director.

Jaeger is not couture, but upwards in pricing, more expensive than High Street. During London Fashion Week, on February 10, 2008, Jaeger London's first fashion show took place at the British Fashion Council Tent.

In May 2009, Jaeger announces a 16% rise in sales to �82.2m.

In 2009 Jaeger celebrates its 125th anniversary with the publication of a book documenting its century and a quarter in business.

Jaeger currently has over 140 shops in the UK and Europe plus stores in Montreal, Japan, Dubai, Taiwan, Chile and Korea. Jaeger was the first British brand to operate on a concession basis when it opened in Selfridges in the 1930s. The brand continues to be available in Selfridges and also Harrods, along with other quality department stores nationwide.

The Look

The cornerstones of all Jaeger�s collections are its coats, tailoring and knitwear; the majority of which are made from luxurious yarns and natural fibres such as wool, cashmere, camel hair, silk and angora. True to the brand�s British heritage, the collections incorporate traditional fabrics such as pinstripe, herringbone, tweed and plaid.
Aside from the fabulous cuts and quality fabrics synonymous with Jaeger�s clothes, great attention is paid to finish and details with trims and fastenings made to the highest specifications. Jaeger�s signature colours are black, ivory and navy with strong highlights that compliment the brand�s monochrome classics. Each collection is influenced by the seasonal catwalk trends and often contains
archive-inspired pieces that have been developed and contemporised.
Jaeger: the perfect marriage of innovative designs and luxurious fabrics; creating vintage pieces of the future.

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