2007 Jacky Luxury started out as a small fashion brand with only tops and luxurious tracksuits of high quality and good affordable prices. 2008 was a major year for Jacky Luxury! The collection was fabulous and experienced great success by selling their clothes to over 50 retailers in the Netherlands. After this in 2009 and 2010 Jacky Luxury has only been making progress and is now selling to over 200 retailers in the Netherlands and has gone international!

Jacky Luxury has 2 main collections, the Spring Summer and Fall Winter. The main collections exists out of 200 to 300 items with all different styles so we can reach a great range of different tastes.

Under Jacky Luxury are two more diffusion lines, Jacky Ibiza ( the name says it all) and Jacky by Jacky (which is a jeans and t-shirt related collection).

In 2012 the Jacky Girl collection was launched.

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