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Giovanni Accongiagioco, Lapo Elkann & Andrea Tessitore

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Giovanni Accongiagioco, Lapo Elkann & Andrea Tessitore


Italia Independent was founded by Giovanni Accongiagioco, Lapo Elkann and Andrea Tessitore and was launched on January 9, 2007 at the famous fashion store Luisa Via Roma, in Florence during Pitti.

The mission and the philosophy of Italia Independent are, in large part, included in its name. Italy is not only the place where the company is based and operates, but it�s also the main inspiring place and the moving force of the brand.

I-I is a brand that aims to reload the made in Italy, to create �Made in Italy 2.0�. This claim and this philosophy are by no means the denial of over more

than twenty years� work by those who built up �Made in Italy�.

I-I wants to update the Made in Italy, giving it a new force. Stereotypes needs to be left behind and tune into the fastmoving global world.

A reload is needed: reloading concepts with the aim of acquiring updated information. Adding innovation to tradition.

Quality is no longer enough.

It is no longer sufficient for the independent individual. Today a product or a brand is perceived as new only if its materials and functionality are innovative, without however jeopardising its real Italian roots. To Italia Independent, innovation consists in the use of new materials like kevlar�, DuPont�s Cordura�, Gore-tex� or carbon together

with�noble� fabrics like Loro Piana�s cashmere or linen, achieving new interpretations of classic products.

The Cordura� tuxedo jacket, the fabric vase, the kevlar� bag, the carbon fiber sunglasses are the expression of their philosophy. Italia Independent wants to be free to operate in different sectors and to be independent from stereotypes.

Italia Independent believes that creativity today lies in remixing different experiences and styles. The association of materials from different origins and the fusion of tradition and innovation are the project�s philosophy and values. One of the recurrent themes among I-I products is the stylish reinterpretation of a distinguishable garment or icon of which the plush classic blazer or the carbon fiber candlestick are the brand expression.

They strongly believe that a brand should be able to work at 360 degrees from clothing to home d�cor, from glasses to cars and this is what they do.

The beginning of Italia Independent adventure is tied to Stealth, the famous sailboat owned by Avv. Agnelli entirely made in carbon fiber.

The way the carbon fiber is worked has inspired Lapo and its Italia Independent team to produce the first pair of sunglasses entirely made in carbon fiber.

Italia Independent is distributed in over 100 fashion stores in Italy, 80 fashion stores in europe and rest of the World; in over 300 opticians in Italy and 100 opticians in europe and the rest of the world.

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