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The 80’s represent the theatre of social changes also in the world of fashion, and the eclectic Italian fashion genius Gianni Versace caught them in advance, creating a new brand: Istante.”Stay with your own time and era” was what Gianni Versace used to say, thus summarizing his philosophy of modernity. His words became a reality as Istante was presented for the first time in the A/W 1985/86 collections.

Young and dynamic without forgetting the elegance and sophistication of the Versace‘s quality, Istante was designed to meet the needs of a renewed clientele, but it’s not an exclusive of young people. As Donatella Versace, the head of group along with the creative director Antonio D’Amico, affirms “it is a complete way of dressing intended to be worn decisively. The strong image impact is never weakened but finely tuned with a mediated sense of conservative-chic”.

The first collection, Istante Donna, included only feminine lines. The Italian label Istante Donna was studied for young women accustomed to stylish clothes. The shapes, lines and colors emphasize the concept of a garment that lasts in time. Exclusive fabrics and perfect manufacture were a guarantee of the high quality Versace was famous for.

Istante Uomo, the men version, was launched one year later. The Istante Uomo total look falls into a category between classic and avant-garde. It is new in the shapes, combinations and fabrics and is inspired by a sporty an practical elegance, currently enjoyed by contemporary men who want to live a daily adventure but at the same time stay in tune with the times.

Since the beginning, the “total look” concept is underlined: a look which goes from jackets to knitwear, from trousers to shirts, always reflecting the different styles of the Versace Group. The fashion brand includes not only ready-to-wear lines with a price a 30% lower than the classical Versace’s collections, but also accessories, watches and jewels. The advertisement campaign for Istante caught the eye of the great public for being a little provocative.

The Istante fashion label is now under the Istante-Vesa s.r.l, absorbed by the Versace Group since Gianni Versace’s death. The society works in outsourcing, ordering the production to various other companies such as Alias for both man and woman collections, Mario Giordano for footwear, or Immagine for jewelry. Istante inaugurated its first showroom in Milan in 1985 and now all its garments and accessories are sold throughout Italy, Europe, Japan and the United States.

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