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Through its men's and woman's labels, IMPERIAL s.p.a. offers a captivating product-both versatile and constantly developing, addressing the young and up to date and up-to-date customer who wears the daily myths of youthful imagination.

Street wear meets creative and sophisticated glamour, with dynamic and positive choices, whilst keeping a sharp eye on the softest and most discreet of contemporary taste.

Themes and references meet and crash with each other in a perfectly balanced cocktail of trends, where the excellent combination of design, quality and taste, make the IMPERIAL label the highest expression of functional fashion.

The Look

Women's Imperial line is cool, practical and functional but never fails to elegance and good taste. Many are the fabrics used and many are the shades of colors always accurate and suitable for any occasion. Imperial woman leisure finds inspiration in life of European cities, especially Paris, which stands a touch of bohemian romance that makes the entire line even more feminine.

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