209 Rue Saint Paul west
Montreal QC, H2Y 2A1
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founded by

Aaron Maya, Ev Arad, Ilan Doktor & Oded Dekel

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Aaron Maya, Ev Arad, Ilan Doktor & Oded Dekel


Nestled in the very heart of Old Montreal's gallery district, on St. Paul Street West, spanning an area of 1800 square feet, Impact Galerie features some of the best local and international talent in terms of fine art and jewelry design.

From Mexico to Israel, four artists have joined creative forces in order to enrich jewelry lovers with their designs. As they express their love for the craft and respective styles, an inimitable, personal touch is brought to each piece of jewelry. Impact Galerie truly is one of a kind!

Originally from Mexico, jewelry designer Aaron Maya moved to Montreal in his twenties. Maya pays homage to his Mexican roots in using authentic stones and antique Mexican coins. Inspired by the textures of natural stones, Maya creates and designs one of a kind sterling silver pieces. Maya also owns the highly acclaimed Argent Tonic, another jewelry store located on Laurier Street in Montreal.

Former fashion designer and author of several bestselling interior design books, Ev Arad moved from Israel to Montreal in 2006. Thanks to studying fashion design in Milan, Italy, Arad's keen eye for fashion never fails her. After many years of friendship and artistic collaboration, Arad and fellow Israeli designers Ilan Doktor and Oded Dekel decided to turn their dream of having their own jewelry line into a reality. Soon enough, Artisan Impact was created!

Designers Ilan Doktor and Oded Dekel reside in Israel and create sterling silver and mixed gold jewelry, often beset with natural stones. The collection's detailing and craftsmanship is influenced by old Yemeni and Middle Eastern cultures, giving each piece an ornate yet delicate look.

These various lines, under the umbrella of Impact Galerie, provide jewelry lovers with an unconventional mixture of contemporary and ethnic designs.

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