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founded by

Mr. Giuseppe Marenzi


In 1948 Mr. Giuseppe Marenzi founded Herno and started producing men raincoats with the technical support and cooperation of Alessandra Diana, his wife.

Alongside the men collection the firm also developed a woman raincoat collection in the 50�s and expanded is distribution in the Italian market.

In the 60�s Herno widened its offer of products by presenting cashmere coats and specializing in the manufacture of �double face�. Obviously for both men and women. The expansion abroad established the Herno brand among other European countries.

In the 70�s the women collection was further developed with jackets, tailors and dresses while the men collection continued with their specialization of outerwear. Mr. Marenzi was one of the first in Italy to approach the Japanese market, which was set to be the main market for the company. In 1971 the first Herno boutique was opened in Osaka.

In the 80�s with the widening and consolidation of both collections and distribution, Herno landed in the United States.

Further progress of the distribution in the main market were done in the 90�s. Besides the activities directly involved with the brand Herno, the company opened a strictly industrial branch dedicated to the sourcing area, producing high level productions for brands as Jill Sander, Armani, Prada, Hermes and. Later on Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren. Many of them are still cooperating with the company today.

In 1996 Mr. Giuseppe Marenzi was elected �Cavaliere del Lavoro� by the Italian government for his services to industry.

In 2000 a new consciousness of the great potential of the company�s tradition was born. Products now carrying the Herno label become a fusion of tradition and modernity, thanks to a commitment to advanced research in performance, engineered and hi-tech fabrics.

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