Frustrated with the lack of variety in the realm of aquatic attire, Australia’s Tuyen Nguyen delved into design with the sole purpose of crafting pristine yet approachable swimsuits. After a year of fine-tuning fit and functionality according to her own elevated standards, Nguyen's highly personalized approach to design resulted in a widely-celebrated 2014 swimwear collection aptly titled Her Line. With silhouettes that maintain an athletic sensibility while paring down on overt technicality, Her Line’s pieces cater to all body types, diversifying swimwear’s hackneyed constraints. By forging a direct line of communication with customers, Her Line has created an inclusive environment that abates the intimidating aspects of swimsuit selection. Nguyen’s partner Michael Lin, Her Line has expanded to include a ready-to-wear Resort collection, which preserves the distinctly coastal, retro aestheticism that has informed the brand’s swimsuit designs. From their integral use of premium recycled Lycra to their decision to manufacture from within Australia, every aspect of Her Line is a carefully considered response to the need for low-fuss, high-quality swimwear.

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