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Harfajuku Lovers is the deffusion line of L.A.M.B. founded by Gwen Stefani in June 2005. Gwen Stefani referred Harfajuku Lovers to as "a glorified merchandise line", that is more accessible to her fans and the general public, with varied products including a mishmash of lingerie, leather goods, and girly accessories like camera and mobile phone charms. Clothing for the line is produced and licensed by JerryLeigh with stationery line produced and licenced by Nakajima USA.

The concept for Harajuku Lovers revolves around the Shibuya, Tokyo area of Harajuku and the four "Harajuku Girls," Gwen Stefani's Japanese back-up dancers and entourage (Love, Angel, Music, and Baby).

Harajuku Lovers tends to focus specifically on 'Kawaiiness' made famous by the streets of Harajuku in Japan. Kawaii depictions of Stefani and her dancers are common features of the products as is the kanji 原宿 (Harajuku) logo.

In late 2006, Stefani released a limited edition line of dolls called "Love. Angel. Music. Baby. Fashion dolls". The dolls are inspired by the various costumes that Stefani and the Harajuku Girls wore while touring for the album.

In September 2008, Stefani released a fragrance line as a part of her Harajuku Lovers product line. There are five different fragrances based on the four Harajuku Girls and Stefani herself called 'Love', 'Lil' Angel', 'Music', 'Baby' and 'G' (Gwen).

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Teri Hatcher, Lucy Liu, Pen�lope Cruz, Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne

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