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founded by

Hanii Yoon and Gene Kang

belongs to

SK Networks Co., Ltd


Hanii Yoon, known for the now-defunct line Y & Kei created with husband Gene Kang, launched her own label, Hanii Y, in Spring 2009 to fully express her personal artistic inspirations and design philosophies.

Hanii Y is available all over the world in shops like Barney, Bergdorf Goodman and Bloomingdales in the USA, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, and Selfridges, to name just a few.

The Look

For her eponymous label, Hanii Yoon draws on her love of vintage style and the harmonious intertwining of �old world� and �new world� aspects. Her feminine, sophisticated style pays devoted attention to quality materials, exquisite drapery, fine tailoring and thoughtful details. Timeless classicism and handcrafted quality are her strengths, providing unique and fresh designs for the savvy, confident woman.

Who Wears It

Alicia Keys, Halle Berry and Kate Hudson

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