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Hallie Sara is renowned for designs that are unashamedly luxurious, borne of complex methods and studio techniques, yet wear an apparent simplicity.
Each refined garment is the product of a creative journey, a meeting of disciplines and visual references.
Architecture, painting, photography, music and film – each plays a role in inspiring the attitude and silhouette, the selection of fabrics and the minutiae of details.
At the heart of the label is the designer’s reverence for craftsmanship in the haute couture tradition and superlative quality natural materials.
These are considered, cut and constructed to both accentuate yet defy their natural characteristics.
Form and structure at play with transparency and texture. The trompe l’œeil of leather draped as silk or cashmere.
It is a mastery of conception by which one embodies the characteristics of the other, and what appears an incredible illusion is made real by the feeling of the wearer.
Collection upon collection, each garment shapes a defiant, defining attitude; betrays the uncompromising pursuit of quality; and exudes a sensuousness that is otherworldly.

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