Hallhuber GmbH is a fashion company which has been based in Munich since 1977. It operates over 271 retail spaces (as of September 2015) in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, the UK, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as operating its own online shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and France. Under the direction of Susanne Hallhuber, the Hallhuber design team creates the trendy, high-quality HALLHUBER and HALLHUBER DONNA womenswear collections which are supplemented by accessories and shoes.

The success story began back in December 1977 when Hallhuber opened its first fashion store in Munich. Its particular concept of selling youthful, trendy fashion and brands was, until that point, largely unknown and was successfully rolled out in the years to come. Hallhuber went from being a fashionable textile chain to one of the best-known and most independent vertical fashion brands in Germany. Hallhuber has consistently pursued its growth course over the past 38 years. In February 2015, Hallhuber was bought by GERRY WEBER International AG, based in Halle/Westfalen.

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