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Guia la Bruna is a relatively new couture lingerie brand that was started by an Italian lingerie designer and factory owner, Guia la Bruna.

Guias lingerie, is for women in between 20 and 45, who want to feel unique.

Now available in the US in New York at Barneys, Boutique Ludivine, Catriona MacKechnie, Kiki De Montparnasse, and Mixona.

The Look

The lingerie emanating both retro and contemporary look has a variety of styles, most of which are based on the old patterns by reworking them into modern styles. The collections are inspired by the fabrics that Guia la Bruna carefully selects for her collections. Everything starts from there, from the feeling of color or print.
Every season is bound by the same concept of marrying retro and contemporary into uniquely feminine and romantic looks, yet every season the collections are driven by a different mood. For example, one season might be inspired by the private world of the fifties divas, who were perceived as eternal muses and perfect incarnation of absolute femininity.
The collections settings are either the most luxurious hotel rooms or the background of the stage, the perfect dvellings of the divine creatures, who were all wrapped up in precious silks, begining with the most exquisite silk lingerie sets and small silk-chiffon tops and finished with bold and colorful silk dresses dripping with the luxurious retro allure. Elegant by day, glamorous by night, the charming sophistication is gleaming through the fine fabrics, abundant with such details as velvet ribbons, strasses and vintage lace.
Guia la Bruna bra styles run from A to D cups. Many liquid fabrics, such as silk muslin, that the designer is so fond of are quite difficult to work with if the pattern becomes very constructed. For that reason, Guia uses silk muslins more for tops and shorties, than for cups, which are usually constructed of the sheer fabrics making it very difficuls to create the same style in larger cup sizes.
Guia la Bruna couture lingerie is designed for women from the age of 20 to 45, who want to feel unique, romantic and feminine. Guia tries to make each style different, so that every woman could find something to her taste and liking, something that would be more than just a pretty lingerie to wear, but that would become an expression of her own deep femininity. Guia la Bruna�s goal is to give women the luxury even in privacy, to empower women to feel being loved and desired.

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