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Golden Lady Company S.p.A.

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Golden Lady Company S.p.A.


Golden Lady was founded in 1967. It was one of the first Italian companies able to understand the big development potentials of the women hosiery market.

In a couple of years, the exponential Company's development confirmed the remarkable intuition of the latter regarding the huge growth potential related to women's hosiery in both domestic and international market. Golden Lady name identifies whole Golden Lady Company Group, a concern with a constant expansion, which consists of the main hosiery trademarks.

Top quality is the key of Golden Lady's success. It allows the company to meet the tastes and needs of even the most demanding customers.

Along with the aforementioned top quality concept, the Company also offers other strong subjects such as a quick automation, a clear technological superiority in comparison with competing hosiery factories, remarkable advertising & marketing investments, an effective management of the relationships with distributors as well as an easy adaptation to the quick market changes and to customers' needs.

Consistency with basic but always topical goals, a constant investment in research and development, the will to offer original & fashionable articles allow Golden Lady to be the leading Company in women's hosiery world.

The Look

Its classic or up-to-date collections, its wide range of products, a widespread distribution as well as a very good quality/price ratio allow GoldenLady to be considered as a young and dynamic brand people can freely wear, in any circumstances.
GoldenLady Collections consist of wearable and comfortable products in a wide assortment of colours and models in order to satisfy any consumers' needs.

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