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Garibaldo Gherardini

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Dadorosa Srl.


In 1885 Garibaldo Gherardini, the founder of the Italian brand, opened in Florence an artisan workshop specialized in case manufacture. Since the beginning the master put a creative forge into action, a real precursor he was of innovative ideas always in ferment.

The Via della Vigna Nuova workshop, indeed, hosted leather workmanship and an outstanding vision for new ideas, as the invention of gold and semiprecious stone double fasteners bear witness, manufactured with such capability that they became such unique pieces, as to be considered as jewels.

The love of creativity and experimentation, together with preciousness and attention to detail became the company�s distinctive traits. In the next years the company attracted the general attention and its philosophy was carried on by Mr. Gherardini�s sons, Gino and Ugo. Under their supervision, the brand widened its production creating such new products as bags, small leather goods and raincoats, and stood out in these fields.

The nw image of the Florentine brand, as established by Gino and Ugo, made the trademark G famous all over the world. In the early Fifties Gherardini was known in Italy and abroad, but it is in 1969 that the brand became a prestigious name in the fashion world.

And it is in those years that �Softy�, a very light fabric, the precursor of nylon, was patented, launching the use of plasticized textiles in place of leather.

This was a real and historic revolution in the field, which changed the way of conceiving and using the accessory forever. In the Seventies the fashion house�s success was unstoppable: its G appeared on travelling sets, from hard suitcases to soft large bags in all sizes, to bicycle bags, small kits, beauty cases, shopping bags and briefcases, to sabots, umbrellas and scarves.

This refined and exclusive production, rich in tradition, still goes on, distinguishing itself, after 122 years, for its variety of products and for the ability of keeping up with the times.

The brand Gheradini became Italian again in November 2000, launching a new image and commercial network. This renewal also included the reorganization of its monobrand boutiques in Milan, then in Florence and Rome. Milan�s showroom was renovated too.

Gherardini, having already an important position in Japan with 3 flagship stores and 45 corners, started having then a growing distribution in the Far East, Middle East and Europe, becoming again an important representative of the �made in Italy� and spreading all over that know how and stylistic knowledge which had characterized it since 1885.

In June 2007 Gherardini had been acquired by Braccialini, a well known brand in Tuscan leather production, becoming part of Antichi Pellettieri group (MBFG). The Braccialini family, very experienced in the Held and with a strong growing success, has an additional well structured and strong plan to position Gheradini among the international luxury brands.

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