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founded by

Jean Paul Gaultier

belongs to

Groupe Zannier


Since turning 50, Jean Paul Gaultier has turned back into a child again. In collaboration with Groupe Zannier, the brand launched a new children�s collection in fall 2009 by the name of Junior Gaultier.

The Look

Fashion�s �enfant terrible� takes a new look at his classics hits from the 80s: the pea coat, of course, but also the perfecto, the kilt, the embroidery and the tattoos�
Not to be missed, the pea coat is the collection�s connecting thread� Embroidered with the famous anchor tattoo, it can be worn with Bermuda shorts or reefer coats, embellished with the Master�s Zodiac Signs; Dragons and Taurus.
Scottish patterns come in a variety of styles: kilt, trench, stockings... A truly red & black look.
The collection is sophisticated and refined. Long, flowing dresses of taffeta or golden lame muslin fusing with satin braid tuxedos.
An ultimate nod to unisex silhouettes: skirts for boys and suits for girls.
A rock and chic trend, very Gaultier, for children who dress like grown-ups.

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