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Originally an id�e of Bernard�s sons, the Rugger apparel collection emerged by transforming the classic Rugby shirt into an everyday wardrobe essential. It was revolutionary. An utterly successful sensation and an entirely new �Rugger By Gant� collection was launched on the back on it in 1973. The line, designed for a new light-hearted generation, was vibrant and bold. Less academic and more approachable, with innovative and cool details. Rugger by Gant was quintessential American sportswear and a winner form day one.

But as the years rolled by, Rugger by Gant faded away, relegated to the back of closets, substituted for something else, and simply packed away.

Until now.

The Look

The GANT Rugger concept is to a large extent based on archive pieces and vintage findings GANT has collected over the years. Identified by the Diamond G logo, the GANT Rugger collection is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage, classic and innovative, all at the same time. The influences are primarily based on American sportswear and classic, timeless pieces.


2005 Gant Adventure (M)
2007 Gant Liquid (M)
2008 Gant Silver (M)
2008 Gant Summer (M)
2009 Gant Summer 2009 (M)

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