5700 Fullum St.
Montreal, Quebec – H2G 2H7
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Fullum & Holt begins in a modest workshop established in Old Montreal in 1897. A few craftsmen were applying their “know how” in creating quality leather goods. Among the wares produced were spats, garters, armbands and braces (originally known as Arrow Liberty & Garter).

In 1914 the company was awarded contracts with the Canadian Armed Forces to supply military belts and harnesses for the Cavalry. These contracts provided the firm with extensive business and new orientation.

In 1946 the company built an 80,000 sq. ft. factory on a beautiful Montreal site located at the corner of Fullum & Holt … thus the brand was born. The factory now sits under a 300 ft. skylight employing over one hundred skilled workers and craftspeople, and in fact, it’s often said that the spirit and fundamentals of the company have changed very little since it’s inception over a hundred years ago.

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