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FreeSoul was established in Florence in 1994, by the Eldo S.r.l. group, and right from the beginning made a name for itself as a perfect blend of Italian creativity with an international feel. The brand was specialized in women's jeans, with a strictly women's collection.

In 2003, the men's jeans were launched and very quickly adopted.

In 2008 the company and brand were taken over by the Balham Holding company, marking the latter�s first foray into the fashion industry. As a result, by providing major resources and support it has enabled the brand to enjoy significant growth and global repositioning.

The growth of FreeSoul is more apparent day by day with the opening of showrooms all around Europe. These are located in the world�s leading cities such as: Bordeaux (France), Berlin, D�sseldorf, Hamburg, M�nchen (Germany), Ancona, Milan, Vicenza (Italy), Amsterdam (NL), Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid (Spain), London (UK) and many others.

The Look

FreeSoul means understanding denim fashion as a passion: bright, sensual and engaging, with a touch of retro accent which gives everything an elegant appeal.
The FreeSoul consumer is jean conscious, truly ageless, pure and sporty, with both an urban and casual feel.
The FeeSoul Women�s collection speaks to a glamorous and passionate woman and combines sensual luxury with timeless elegance.
The FreeSoul Men�s line is inspired by a cool, sharp gentleman who prefers a simple, essential look with a courtly and dandy style.

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