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Daniella Clarke

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Frankie B


Responsible for creating the low-rise craze and putting a spotlight on the premium denim market, the Frankie B. brand has grown across the globe and remains as much of a wardrobe staple today as when it first launched. In fact the brand is best known amongst its jean fans as an addiction -- most Frankie B. owners collect pairs and, on average, have more than 10 different styles! A few years later, Daniella was invited to resurrect Ditto's the iconic denim brand she wore and loved as a teenager. The first collection debuted in Spring 2007 and instantly became a favorite among retailers and fashion's elite.

Since Frankie B.'s launch in 1999, it has grown into a full lifestyle brand that includes tops, bottoms, dresses, eyewear and activewear, and is available at department stores and specialty boutiques worldwide. Daniella has the same vision for Ditto's and serves as creative director for both growing collections with more than 80 pieces each. She approaches each collection with an eye toward what she wants next in her closet, making both Frankie B. and Ditto's a fashion resource for women who embrace a distinctive and sexy west coast lifestyle.

The Look

Daniella designs for women like her; laid back, feminine and confident -- with a bit of an edge; and she creates clothing that encourage women to feel alive, stylish and unique. Always inspired by what's next on the fashion landscape, Daniella never forgets the classics that have made Frankie B. a "go to".

Who Wears It

J. Lo, Christina Aguilera, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Mischa Barton, Eva Longoria, Fergie

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