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A new idea of luxury: this sums up the philosophy of Francesco Biasia, a bag and accessories company based in Veneto that today celebrates 30 years of activity. The Biasia story is one of talent, passion, managerial focus; from a small workshop in the beginning to today’s big Italian brand known internationally. The first 30 years have been marked by twists, turns and continuous evolutions.

The 1970s – the beginning, the education, the experimentation; the craftsmanship phase, the first attempts in the world of leather goods.

The 1980s – The introduction of patterns, prints and study sees a change in direction; fashion tends become the constant reference point for the Biasia collections; the need to send a clear, recognizable stylistic message becomes important. A punk influence makes for bags that are strong, more spirited – excess is in.

The 1990s – minimalism sets the rules; quality products stand out for their essentialness, there is understatement in shapes, sizes and proportions; less decorations and more rigor seems to be the theme of the Biasia collections. The brand’s transformation mans the company is ever more established on the market, it’s capacity to adapt with agility to a fast-mowing, changing world. Fantastic sales are not enough – at Biasia, excellence in the objective.

The 2000s – the company has come full circle. New designers bring their creativity to the table for what we can now define as the Biasia project: setting the trends with an autonomous identifiable style of the highest quality. It borders on luxury but it’s able to be enjoyed by a large majority. Bags, small leather goods and personalized accessories meant for the many moments of being a women.

The Look

Francesco Biasia’s collections are an endless stream of ideas, offerings and fashion solutions. Countless themes to mix and match depending on the mood or the moment, perfect for creating a hight-impact personal look.
Based on its age-old manufacturing tradition, Francesco Biasia continues today in a elective search on new materials and quailty leathers. This focus ensures that each handbag always reflects an innovative use and commination of different materials. Each Francesco Biasia product brings a statement of finition and attention to detail.

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